Delphi - Spherical Rail


Common rail diesel technology is the major advancement in the delivery of fuel to the individual cylinders of the modern diesel engine. The Spherical Rail is used in the high pressure system together with four solenoid injectors to give a smooth delivery of fuel to the combustion chambers up to 150 times per second through the combustion cycle. This gives the engine a much improved torque curve together with greater fuel efficiency, lower emissions and a smoother quieter running engine overall.

Production Engineering - Delphi awarded the production of the Spherical rail to HPC, and with this came the task of producing a quantity of over 2000 parts per day. The solution to this was found in the investment of ten vertical mill/turn lathes, which benefit from automatic loading.

The machine tools were heavily modified with respect to hardware and software to create the optimum productive running period. This includes ultrasonic tool breakage detection that functions whilst the machine tool continues to cut.  Through Seiki Systems, the cell continually monitors productivity, tool life, planned maintenance intervals and periods of un-manned running to achieve the machine up time required.

Quality Control - Working to the requirements of our quality standard, TS16949, further investment in dedicated cell based ‘CMM’ and gauging stations enables HPC to achieve an annual reject rate of zero ppm. 

The machine operators are solely responsible  for the quality of their work. In process gauging and one part in nine sampling on the CMM and gauging stations provide documented evidence of tolerances achieved including hole position, squareness, thread size and surface finishes.

Finally all parts go through a visual inspection process prior to packing.