Varian Medical - Couch


HPC have been a manufacturing partner to Varian Medical for over 20 years. During this time HPC have repeatedly been awarded the coveted ‘Supplier of the Year ‘award for achieving 98% for delivery and quality.

Considered to be the best couch in its market sector, the couch is distributed to international markets, being used in the medical environment for x-rays and radiology treatments.

Demand for the couch has continued to grow year on year with current demand at over 400 units per annum and two scheduled deliveries per week straight to the Varian assembly line. This continued demand has led to HPC developing processes to reduce both the machining and assembly lead time, from what was initially 12 days to now 2 days.

The four Castings are now machined within our latest technology Makino A100 Fastems cell giving us the benefit of periods of un-manned running.

HPC manage the full inventory of components that make up the couch, our purchasing department are able to globally source components from a network of approved suppliers, from the four castings to six 16mm bolts that secure the table to a rotating floor plate that give 360 degrees rotation for the patient.

Final assembly is completed after a number of sub-contract operations including painting of the scissor assembly.

Testing of the assembly is undertaken with the use of a specially developed crane jig, to simulate the lift of the couch when under power.