Aston Martin - Torque Tube


At the heart of each car in the current Aston Martin range is a precision machined lightweight aluminium casting that connects the front mid-mounted engine of the car, to the transmission mounted at the rear. The Torque tube ensures maximum rigidity whilst minimising noise and vibration.

The technology was developed with HPC’s engineers from the initial fabricated concept into a cast manufacturing solution, capable of satisfying the demands of a modern high performance car whilst maintaining a capable process for production.

The castings, of which there are various types, with the largest at just under 2 meters in length, are loaded upon dedicated machining fixtures straight to HPC’s ‘Fastems’ factory automation cell, ready for machining with Makino A100 horizontal machining centers. The sheer size of these machining centers allow the casting to be machined and articulated within the working area to allow all features to be machined from one set-up.

In addition to the machining, HPC completes the final assembly including the single piece carbon fiber prop shaft purchased direct from Japan. The prop shaft is supplied to HPC with steel inserts at both ends and the bearings in place, ready for assembly into the machined casting and delivery to the customer.