Fastems - Pallet Storage System


The technology that HPC invest in, is the envy of the machining world. Having the need to invest heavily in factory automation for our larger, customer components, HPC approached ‘Fastems’ to design and construct a pallet storage system connected to two large capacity, Makino A100e, horizontal machining centers with the option to add two more A100e horizontal machining centers as demand grew.

From the initial criteria, our Fastems cell can handle components up to 2 meters in length loaded through 2 load station to the machining centers 1 meter square pallets.

The cell currently handles up to 48 pallet storage bays with raw material on wooden pallets, un-machined components on machine pallets, and finished machined components ready for packing and delivery.

Job scheduling is based on the first in/first out principle, which can be over written by the operator at any time. When a pallet is sent from the loading station into the system, a route is assigned, which the system automatically controls including downloading the relevant NC program from the server to the machine tool.

The flexibility of the cell means that each machine within the cell can handle a number of different components in any order. The Tool life of each tool within the machines is constantly monitored and will contribute to towards the cell judging which parts to run through which machine. This attention to detail allows HPC to run the cell for longer periods through the most economical periods thus passing these advantages onto our customers.