Project Management


HPC offer a unique, proven ability to design an entire production facility around the customer’s requirements. This includes HPC Engineers working closely with customers and contributing key elements to the initial component design, assisting to ensure that cost effective, accurate manufacturing techniques are designed into an item. HPC Production Engineers possess the skills, expertise and experience to assist with the selection of suitable machine tools, to design specific tooling and fixtures and, where required, design an assembly line dedicated to an individual product.

As testament to HPC’s willingness to invest in long-term partnership and development projects, many customers have worked with HPC for over 20 years. This customer confidence is a direct result of HPC managing a project from its initial conception to a delivered product whilst continually investigating and considering opportunities for improvement through new technology and investment.

The key to HPC’s successful long-term partnerships comes from the total confidence and peace of mind that when HPC deliver a product, it far exceeds the expectations of the customer.